Infinitum Desulfator Testimonials

Thanks to your desulfator, the junked battery had an additional 16 month life span.
Anthony Charles

Reviews From Amazon Customers

I have many years of experience with deep cycle and related batteries. I have varying success with other top desulfators but I can tell you first hand that the Infinitum desulfator works great for removing medium and hard sulfation within a battery. I tried this on 6 volt and marine batteries with noticeable improvements in 1 to 2 weeks as long as there is no plate damage then you can recover it.

I have saved 3 batteries with this thing. It takes a couple of weeks, but has been absolutely amazing in rescuing deep cycle RV batteries. I asked the guys at the Batteries plus store if they use them; they said there’s no data indicating that they work. I told them how it had saved 3 batteries in a row, but they’re still singing the same tune. I know why: this thing will definitely slow their sales.
awesome technology. bought one for every battery I owned
​Its works great. My deep cycle battery only have voltage of 12.75 fully charged, now its almost 13.7 and not even 2 days into the treatment, will save you a lot of money.
This little unit has revived two 12V lead acid batteries. One was just having trouble holding a charge but the other was completely dead having sat that way for about 4 years. It took about 10 days for that one. Read the instructions. It only works when the battery is being charged. Found out the hard way. Used a 6 amp auto charger with it and found success. Thinking about one for every battery I own.
I have 10 6 volt bats in series (12 volt system) and 800 watts of solar hooked into a good quality outback charge controller so much of what this unit actually does is already covered by the charge controller itself. Still even so it does seem to make a difference as this thing pings the bats constantly with low voltage pulses making my battery bank work in float mode most of the day. My bats are fully charged by 10:30 am here in Florida in June. Bear in mind however that I really only use my bats for lights and to operate my Ham radio at this time but the power IS THERE to run my frig, well pump, septic, TV, and other essentials for when the grids go down…

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I use a 12V battery to power the trolling motor for my kayak. I decided to buy the Infinitum Desulfator to salvage a 3-year old sealed lead acid battery which was completely "dead". To my surprise, the battery came back to life!
Gerald Khoo
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
These desulfators are making a big difference in my wind/solar farm battery bank investment. All 8 of the batteries each weighing 318lbs were in such a poor condition but now are performing like new!
Bob Drayer
Saskatchewan, Canada
I found a junked battery that had not been charged for 2 years and I thought I'd give your Infinitum Desulfator a go and charged it for 24 hours with the Desulfator attached. Well I could not believe it, it actually worked!
Roy Williams
Roy Williams
Easington, United Kingdom
I'm very pleased with the Infinitum Desulfator. So far it has renewed a full set of UPS batteries worth a total of £130 and a £80 110 amp deep cycle battery. That's a £210 in savings and it's now desulfating another deep cycle battery. Even taking into account the cost of the desulfator, I've saved £180 and it's still ongoing!
Rob Denton
Licensed Radio Amateur
Nottinghamshire, England
These desulfators are a great product. I am using them to support a battery bank for solar and wind generators. Usually, one would have to drain then replenish the batteries in the battery bank every three weeks to stabilize and eliminate any oxidation on the plates. The desulfators I got from Infinitum are eliminating the need to take that very time consuming chore! It is definitely a great addition, in fact, necessary to anyone working with alternative energy! I have been a repeat customer and will continue to do so.
Greg Mason
Rimfire Technologies
Washington, USA
I bought a China-made desulfator which only lasted about 4 months and now it's useless. The three Infinitum desulfators I bought in December 2010, January 2011 and another one in May 2012 are still working fine today.
George Bendikov
Grange, SA, Australia
I did not actually test the Cold Cranking Amps before installation of the optimizer / desulphator, so I cannot say how much the battery improved... However, the results are obvious. My three year old battery went from having a nearly dead battery, to cranking a 262 cu inch engine like a brand new battery.

It's amazing that the battery can perform so well given the damage that has occurred to it (accidental deep cycles). The optimizer took about 4 weeks to recondition the battery.

One thing I really like about your unit over some of the others which are made here in the USA is the voltage-sensitive shutoff feature you've included in the circuit design. Very neat.
Joel Grant
Auto enthusiast & Environmental Scientist,
Carmel, Indiana, United States
"Thanks very much for a great product, I had two 12 volt batteries that are used in a product here in the US, called a Scooter Chair. It costs $69.00 each to replace these batteries. Before knowing about your battery saver device, I had tried to charge my batteries with no results. I then tried using Epson salts as many stated on YouTube on 'how to save your dead battery', well that did not work as the batteries did not charge. But I did some research and found your product. I am pleased to tell you after a week using the Infinitum desulfator, both batteries are charged to 100%. So I have been spreading the word, and ordered 5 units. That is how much I believe in your product. I will be using these on restoring UPS batteries that would not charge! Very satisfied with the results."
Dennis Sigala
Computer Design Technologies, LLC.
Miramar Beach, Florida, United States.