Why Some Batteries Are Unrecoverable

Why Some Batteries Are Unrecoverable

On very rare occasions, we do receive feedback from our customers that they’re unable to recover their batteries even when using our Infinitum Desulfators. In most cases, the battery is simply too old and unrecoverable*. There are also those who cannot desulfate their batteries because an inadequate rated Amp charger was used. Some very sulfated batteries will require a higher Amp charger to ‘force’ a charge into the battery. This is because the high buildup of lead sulfate crystals on the battery plates, builds an insulating barrier preventing the charge to occur.

How you can recover ‘stubborn’ batteries:

CAUTION: This form of battery reconditioning should only be done by a professional as the battery should be monitored and if done incorrectly, the battery may overheat and explode.

  1. Batteries should be charged by correctly Amp rated charges. For example, an 80Ah rated battery should be charged with an 8 Amp charger.
  2. For a heavily sulfated battery, a slightly higher Amp rated battery would be required. The increase in the amp of the charger should be incremental until the battery receives a charge.
  3. There should not be too much gassing and it should not overheat (too hot to the touch).
  4. Use a battery tester (which is available from us), that measures CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) and Ohms (impedance). CCA: Measures the ability of a battery to start an engine. You should see an increase in the CCA reading. Ohms: As the desulfator removes the lead sulfate crystal layer build-up, more of the lead plates will be exposed, reducing the impedance within the battery.

It is important to know that desulfators work to recover batteries from sulfation but not the loss of active material that occurs through ageing. The above mentioned charging method will only be successful for batteries that are relatively new with some active material still left in it. A battery with a desulfator installed from day one will still eventually expire due to ageing which also means the depletion of active material within the battery. The difference with a desulfator is that you get a battery with its life span optimized up to 2 to 3 times.

This article has been selected or written for the benefit of our customers and visitors. Information found in these articles are of general nature and can not be applied universally. For this reason, we strongly advise anyone seeking advice or information to find a professional who can assist with your specific situation.

Image by Charles Williams

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