The Infinitum Desulfator Is Now Used In 129 Countries Globally

The Infinitum Desulfator Is Now Used In 129 Countries Globally

We celebrate our 14th business year this year. It has been a challenging yet an adventure we never thought possible. Till date our products are used in 129 countries all over the world, some of which we never knew existed and some so small you’ll very likely not see it in this map.

The robust construction of our products allow them to be used in the harshest conditions you can imagine on the planet. From the coldest regions in Canada and Europe to the rust inducing conditions found in marine applications, the Infinitum Desulfator has not only withstood these extreme conditions but have stood the test of time with customers still using our products they purchased form us more than a decade ago.

Below is a snapshot of the countries where Infinitum Desulfators are used, being marked in green. Looking to be a distributor of our product in your country? Simply click here to contact us.

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