Infinitum Installation

Infinitum Desulfator Installation On A Toyota Landcruiser

Infinitum Desulfators have been proven to double the lifespan of batteries since 2006. A customer recently sent us images of the installation of his desulfator on his Toyota Landcruiser.

The installation is simple and quick. You just need the small spanner that comes with your truck toolset and a cloth to clean the surface where you plan to stick the desulfator on. As you can see in the image, the desulfator was installed on the air filter cover which is located next to the battery and not on it as the desulfator will outlast the battery and is reusable.

Sulfation which is the cause of premature battery failure occurs with the growth and accumulation of sulfate crystals on the lead plates inside a battery. Over weeks and months, this growth hardens and the active material that is needed for the battery to work is stuck in an unusable crystalline form. This problem occurs in all weather conditions but more so in warmer climates. The customer who sent these images resides in the Lagos, Nigeria where the warm tropical weather is experienced year-round. 

Infinitum Desulfator Installation Gallery On A Toyota Landcruiser

Infinitum Installation

Installing The Infinitum Desulfator On A Mitsubishi Triton

We received a number of images from a customer recently installed the Infinitum Desulfator he purchased for his 2007 4WD Mitsubishi Triton truck.

The installation gallery shows how simple it is to perform the installation. Find a place close to the battery to stick the desulfator unit on. Making sure that the surface is clean and free from dirt or dust. The Infinitum Desulfator comes with industrial-strength 3M double-sided tape that is already stuck on the backside of the unit. Press firmly on the desulfator unit after it is stuck so that the double-sided tape properly adheres to the surface you have selected.

In this instant, the customer chose to stick the unit on the fuse box cover which is located right next to the battery. The cables are then connected to the battery terminals, matching the colour on the cables. There is no need to disconnect the battery during the installation. Loosen the nut and slip in the fork lugs and tighten again, ensuring that the installation is firm. You will only need to completely remove the nut if you purchased the model with the ring lug.

Infinitum Desulfator Installation Gallery On A Mitsubishi Triton

Infinitum News

24V Infinitum Desulfator Installation For A Truck

In an effort to reduce battery replacement cost, a poultry meat distribution company based in Malaysia installed 24V Infinitum Desulfators their trucks. Though the trucks are used more regularly than domestic vehicles, the trucks are still parked longer than they are used. This results in the build-up of crystallised sulfation that kills batteries prematurely. 

Now with the 24V desulfator installed, the two 12V batteries set in series will not only perform better but will have its lifespan optimised. Below are images of the installation on one of those trucks which took about 5 minutes to perform.

Infinitum News Testimonial

A Follow Up Visit With Haulage Company, Komunajaya

A report from Infinitum:

In July, we paid a courtesy visit to Komunajaya Sdn Bhd, a haulage company we had supplied 24V Infinitum Battery Desulfators for each of their 150+ trucks and vehicles over the course of February and March of 2014.

We met with Ric Tan as well as the company’s maintenance engineer to follow up on the application and progress of usage after about half a year after use.

The desulfators were used both on the vehicles as well as to optimize batteries if vehicles were in maintenance or idle for a couple of days.

One of the trucks we inspected had batteries that were installed brand new in September and October of 2013, while the desulfators were at work for the past 4 to 5 months. As the images show, the mΩ readings of the batteries show Ohm readings of a typical new battery. Though we do not have the Cold Cranking Amp readings before installation, the CCA readings of the 12V batteries were 72% and 78%. Taking into consideration too that the truck had been idle for about a day, the batteries are in relatively good condition.

Images from our recent visit to the Komunajaya headquarters:

Both 12V batteries were tested for its Cold Cranking Amps as well as resistance. Both batteries had been recently charged with a 12.60V and 12.59V state of charge respectively. 



Age: 10 months (September 4, 2013)
CCA Reading: 541.2 or 72%
Resistance: 4.95mΩ


Age: 9 months (October 14, 2013)
CCA Reading: 591.6 or 78%
Resistance: 4.52mΩ

Click to read our first report on Komunajaya from 26th February, 2014 or here for their testimonial.

Infinitum News

Haulage Company, Tanjong Express Begins Using Infinitum Desulfators To Lower Frequency Of Battery Replacements

The haulage company, Tanjung Express recently got word regarding the savings that haulage company, Komunajaya was enjoying since using the 24V Infinitum desulfators on their trucks for the past 6 months and placed an initial order to use on trial for twenty of their trucks.

Kumunajaya, had kept detailed records of the condition and age of their truck batteries for a couple of years now. So far, according to their Technician Clerk, Ric Tan, they’ve noted a reduction of battery replacements by 40% generating substantial cost savings.


Dead Battery Revived With The Infinitum Battery Desulfator

In part 1 of Larry’s video below, he demonstrates how he connects the Infinitum Desulfator paralleled with a charger.

In the second video testimonial below, Larry successfully revives a dead 12V Exide 700CCA truck battery. After charging the battery with the Infinitum Desulfator installed, the battery cranked a truck like new.
Infinitum News Testimonial

Haulage Company Komunajaya Speaks Out About Infinitum Desulfators

It is always a pleasure working with companies to bring a significant change in operational savings. We had recently written about supplying our Infinitum battery desulfators for each of their 150 odd haulage trucks. The company, Komunajaya Sdn Bhd (Private Limited) were gracious to send us a letter on our recent dealings with them.

Transcript of the above letter for easier reading: 


Komunajaya Sdn Bhd is a haulage company; engaged in trading and renting of vehicles, lorries, cranes, forklifts; providing mechanical repair, maintenance and logistical services.

Our mechanical engineers discovered the Infinitum Desulfator when researching on methods to reduce the ever increasing cost associated with the frequent replacing of our 12V lead acid trailer batteries due to the short service life span of about 1 year.

We had purchased a few samples for testing and were pleased to note the improved Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) of a 18 month old car battery from 70% to 100% of its rated CCAs.

We are now in the process of installing the Infinitum Desulfators on all our fleet vehicles to ensure the reduction in operational and maintenance cost.

We are pleased that the efforts of Xceed Enterprise will be playing an appreciable role in environmental conservation with longer-lasting batteries, reducing the hazardous impact of unnecessary premature disposal of batteries.

Yours truly,

Pau Kim Lee
Komunajaya Sdn Bhd

We visited Komunajaya a couple of months later to find out the positive results, with a 40% reduction in battery replacements a month

Infinitum News

Haulage Company Uses Infinitum Desulfators To Optimize Their Fleet’s Battery Life Span

A report from Infinitum:

Komunajaya Sdn Bhd (Private Limited) is a haulage company engaged in trading and renting of vehicles, lorries, cranes, providing transportation and vehicles repairing services.

In an effort to solve a pressing issue of their batteries failing within just a year of usage, their mechanical engineers discovered our battery desulfator and purchased one 12V and one 24V model for testing. To their amazement, they managed to rejuvenate a 19 month old 12V battery to 100% of its rated capacity from its 70% initial Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) reading. 

With a fleet of over 150 trucks as well as trucks, lorries and cranes, it made sense to invest a little in our desulfators to gain a whole lot more in savings year after year.

Komunajaya Sdn Bhd is the parent company to another two companies in the related industry, Formula Utama Sdn Bhd and Tasek Cranes Movers Sdn Bhd.Update April 14th, 2014: Click here to view the testimonial sent from the company.

A glimpse of the fleet of tucks in the company’s yard awaiting maintenance.
A truck under routine maintenance.

Cheap K-mart Junked Battery Restored

Clayton purchased his first two 12V Infinitum Desulfators from us in December 10th, 2010. He purchased another 4 units in January of 2013. Title headers were added to this testimonial by our editor to provide for easier reading.

I bought an old junker car for parts and it had a cheap K-mart battery. Figured I had nothing to lose so I connected a small ~2 amp trickle charge with your unit in my shop. The battery was dead. Voltage read in the 8-9 volt range, and when I checked the specific gravity, 2 cells did register at all, one moved the meter a small amount, and the other three were under 1V. Honestly, I believe the battery charged for a couple of months, I’d forget about it, but periodically would ensure the cells were still full. Meanwhile, the battery in my own car started going dead so I decided to try the K-Mart battery I’d been charging as the voltage was now up to 12.6 volts. Worked great.

6 Lawn Mower Batteries Revived

I’m very pleased with the performance of your desulfators. I’ve used it to revive 6 or more batteries from small lawnmower batteries up to 1000 CCA (Type 65) Diesel batteries. Most notable recovery was with a type 35 battery.

8 Year-old Battery Receives New Lease of Life

When I put the old battery in my car, I also installed your desulfator, and that’s where that one’s been ever since. Just a couple weeks ago, I checked the standing voltage of this battery. It was cold outside, under 30°F (-1°C), the car had sat overnight, interior lights were on, and I turned the headlights on for 20-30 seconds. The battery voltage was 12.79V! No swelling on the case (I know my alternator isn’t overcharging). Your desulfator’s green light will now stay on all night and throughout the day. Previously it would go out within hours after the car was turned off, which told me the voltage was falling. The age of this battery is unknown, however, it is at least 8-year-old and used every day.

Still In Service After 3 Years

This unit has been in service, under the hood of my car for at least 3 years. When I wash the engine I try not to flood it with water, but it still gets wet. Overall it still looks good, slightly discoloured due to cleaners I’ve used in the engine compartment (strong bases like purple stuff).

Desulfators Now Put To Work On Truck & Solar Batteries

I also have a unit on my truck, which I do not drive as much. It is a diesel and has two batteries. I only have one desulfator on my truck and I believe it isn’t enough (one reason I bought more). Those batteries are six years old and work much harder than car batteries. I’ve measured the current used at start-up in modest weather ~60°F (15°C), it’s over 500 amps at 12v! I’m adding to the solar array installed to maintain the batteries, and I’m confident when I install another desulfator the batteries will come back. I keep pretty close tabs on my automotive stuff, so I’ll provide some updates in the future.

Clayton Simons
Dover, Tennessee, United States

Marine Batteries Testimonial

Australian Discovers Secret To Recovering A Dead Deep Cycle Marine Battery

We received this feedback from a customer from Australia who revived his deep cycle marine battery from the dump to a fully functioning battery! We particularly loved the candid way it was written and left it completely unedited:

We recently bought one of your 12V Infinitum Desulphators, intended for a former UK Colleague, but owing to the problems posting it to him in time for Christmas, we thought we’d give it a go ourselves!

ALWAYS a bit suspicious of much-vaunted claims, so to be honest we were not expecting anything really spectacular. Thought I’d try it out on an old (and rather abused) marine engine start battery which had been “living outdoors” for some time.

Although the electrolyte levels were OK, the battery wouldn’t accept ANY (and I really DO mean ANY) charge whatsoever, such that I had to keep it on trickle charge just to get the desulphator to work! Thought this would be a useful test of any capability, so left the charger and desulphator connected for two weeks, desulphating away happily.

At the end of the fortnight, disconnected the charger, and, surprise, the little green light stayed on – and kept staying on for a further 16 days!  Upshot is we now have a seemingly fully functional battery that charges well (accepts a high charge current without overheating), retains the charge (for weeks), and can easily start a 4 litre marine diesel – and remember this battery was effectively “scrap”!

The Infinitum gadget is currently desulphating:

  • our Isuzu truck battery (during the week when we don’t use the truck), and
  • my wife’s Peugeot battery (during the weekends when she doesn’t drive to work).

We’ve also used it with significant benefit on

  • two battery-backed UPS units, and
  • the starter battery on our diesel genset.

The Isuzu’s a 24 volt set up, and we’ll be buying your 24 volt version soon – and leaving it permanently connected to the engine start battery set.

We would be more than happy to let any other future customers know just how good this little gadget is – and please feel free to include this e-mail in your Customer Comments section!

Thanking you again for what is a surprisingly very effective little “box of tricks”

Best regards from us both,

Phil & Timea Spendley
Nowra, NSW, Australia

Click here to view the latest update to their testimonial on Feb 28th, 2014

Banner image by John Cooke