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14-year-old Yacht Starter Battery Still Working 8 Years After Installing The Infinitum Desulfator

Dutch mariner, Meijlink purchased three 12V Infinitum Desulfators from us back in July 2009 which he used for his yacht batteries. He purchased more a week ago for his friend and left this testimonial:

After installing the Infinitum desulfators 8 years ago in my yacht I never replaced any batteries any more. The starter battery is already 14 years old and still working perfectly, my service batteries are 8 years old now and I cannot notice any loss of capacity.

I use a battery monitor and the batteries are charged by solar panels and a battery charger when needed.

I am buying more desulfators now, 8 years later, for a friend who is really impressed with the product after hearing my testimony.

Ferry Meijlink
Opperdoes, Netherlands

Marine Battery Solar Batteries Testimonial

5-year-old Battery Still Working 2 Years Later After Installing The Infinitum Desulfator

“A scrapped battery I purchased for A$5.00 in April 2012 is still functioning today! My son and I have not bought a new battery for at least three years, ​and none of our batteries have died since fitting the units.”

Peter Barnes
​New South Wales, Australia

Toyota Landcruiser And Scrapped Battery Optimised

As far as the performance of the Infinitum desulfators, I have one on each of the two batteries in my Toyota Landcruiser. One of the batteries was about 5 years old and probably near the end of its life, when I fitted the first unit (desulphator) in March 2012. This battery is still starting the cruiser.

The other battery is one I picked up outside a tyre service for scrap price of $5.00. I immediately fitted a desulphator and it is still running my 12 volt fridge/freezer as well as auxiliary starting. That was in April 2012.

Solar Deep Cycle And Tractor Batteries Recovered

The solar panel at Peter’s farm.

My son has a caravan/shack on our farm and has a solar panel to power his TV, external hard drive, laptop computer and his lights. He has two of your units, one on each of three batteries. He swaps one unit between 2 batteries. These batteries were thrown out of refrigerated trucks and had been recovered with your units and been in use since April 2012. He also has two batteries that have been recovered in his Landcruiser.

I have a tractor that has a battery that’s been recovered with one of your units and the rest of them (your desulphators) are recovering batteries for future use.

I use your desulphators on my trailer sailer batteries as well. Here’s an image of me in my boat sailing in the Gulf of Carpentaria, Queensland. 

​We have not bought a new battery for at least three years, and none of our batteries have died since fitting the units.

Peter Barnes
Brunswick Heads,
​New South Wales, Australia

Peter purchased 16 12V units in 2012 for his personal use on various applications, his trailer-sailer as well as for his friends. At the time of this post, he purchased an additional 10 12V desulfators.

August 2016 Update: Pete’s Land Cruiser battery finally gives out at 8 years, that is an additional 3 years from an near end of life 5 year-old battery. Click here to view Pete’s testimonial update.


Dead 3-year-old Trolling Motor Battery Revived

Gerald Khoo’s testimonial in June 6th, 2009:

Testimonial update: We managed to get an update from Gerald from the last time he left a testimonial with us in June 6th, 2009. His purchase was made on February 27th, 2009. Here is what he had to say about his experience since then:

Marine Batteries Testimonial

Infinitum Desulfators Recommended By Electronics Expert

Here’s an image of an eBay customer’s feedback as seen below followed by a more detailed testimony from him. We weren’t however successful to obtain the details of the electrician as he wishes to remain anonymous, according to Mr. Farnworth.

We were fortunate enough to be put in touch with a boat electrician who is also an electronics expert and had spent many years living on a narrowboat and had made certain enhancements to his boats electrical system to maximise charging and improve the longevity of the leisure batteries. He knew exactly what the specification of desulfator needed to be and had used them on his own boat batteries with great success for many years and recommended your product as a good value item that keeps the batteries in tip-top condition.

Martin Farnworth 
Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom

Marine Batteries Testimonial

Australian Discovers Secret To Recovering A Dead Deep Cycle Marine Battery

We received this feedback from a customer from Australia who revived his deep cycle marine battery from the dump to a fully functioning battery! We particularly loved the candid way it was written and left it completely unedited:

We recently bought one of your 12V Infinitum Desulphators, intended for a former UK Colleague, but owing to the problems posting it to him in time for Christmas, we thought we’d give it a go ourselves!

ALWAYS a bit suspicious of much-vaunted claims, so to be honest we were not expecting anything really spectacular. Thought I’d try it out on an old (and rather abused) marine engine start battery which had been “living outdoors” for some time.

Although the electrolyte levels were OK, the battery wouldn’t accept ANY (and I really DO mean ANY) charge whatsoever, such that I had to keep it on trickle charge just to get the desulphator to work! Thought this would be a useful test of any capability, so left the charger and desulphator connected for two weeks, desulphating away happily.

At the end of the fortnight, disconnected the charger, and, surprise, the little green light stayed on – and kept staying on for a further 16 days!  Upshot is we now have a seemingly fully functional battery that charges well (accepts a high charge current without overheating), retains the charge (for weeks), and can easily start a 4 litre marine diesel – and remember this battery was effectively “scrap”!

The Infinitum gadget is currently desulphating:

  • our Isuzu truck battery (during the week when we don’t use the truck), and
  • my wife’s Peugeot battery (during the weekends when she doesn’t drive to work).

We’ve also used it with significant benefit on

  • two battery-backed UPS units, and
  • the starter battery on our diesel genset.

The Isuzu’s a 24 volt set up, and we’ll be buying your 24 volt version soon – and leaving it permanently connected to the engine start battery set.

We would be more than happy to let any other future customers know just how good this little gadget is – and please feel free to include this e-mail in your Customer Comments section!

Thanking you again for what is a surprisingly very effective little “box of tricks”

Best regards from us both,

Phil & Timea Spendley
Nowra, NSW, Australia

Click here to view the latest update to their testimonial on Feb 28th, 2014

Banner image by John Cooke


Marine Battery Care & Maintenance

Most batteries used marine vessels today are lead-acid type batteries. Used over the decades, it remains the most popular form of electrical power supply and storage due to its low maintenance. The disadvantages are the weight and its short life span.

The two battery types frequently used are starter batteries that deliver a short burst of power to start the engine and after which would be charged by the alternator. The other are deep cycle batteries which main function is to store power and deliver it gradually to run your lights, instruments, trolling motor, etc.

Unknown to many avid sailors, most batteries die prematurely. This is due to a process called sulfation, a chemical process within the battery which forms crystalized layers over the battery plates, essentially eating away a battery’s performance and lifespan.

However, with the INFINITUM DESULFATOR this destructive process can be reverted and restore the battery condition and maximize its life span up to 2 to 3 times.

Unlike other brands, our desulfator are perfectly adapted to the harsh, wet and salty conditions of the marine environment. Being rust-proof, heat and water-resistant, you can expect the INFINITUM DESULFATOR to recondition and maintain numerous batteries throughout its life. The INFINITUM DESULFATOR can also be used on batteries used in jet skis, catamarans, powered boats, speed boats, sailboats using solar and wind power to charge their deep cycle batteries.