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Fish Farm Solar Batteries Optimized With Desulfators

Fish farmer, Uthan Chuat purchased Infinitum Desulfators from us to optimize the fourteen 12V Deep Cycle batteries in his solar-powered battery bank used in his fish farm off the shores of Malaysia. The fish farm which also doubles up as his home is completely off-grid being powered solely by the sun. Being close to the equator provides good sun all year round with only cloudy days being the exception.

Desulfators are used here to optimize the lifespan of the batteries. The lifespan of the batteries is also optimized from the relatively cooler conditions being above the water despite of the warmer climate in the tropics.

All fourteen of Uthan’s 12V batteries are setup in parallel in this 12V solar installation. The charge controller maintains the charge at above 13V which is more than sufficient to keep the desulfators working as long as there is sunlight. Below is a picturesque view of his floating fish farm.

Uthan’s off-grid solar-powered home and fish farm

The Infinitum Desulfators come with an automated shut off system that triggers at about 12.5V. This is to prevent an unwanted power drain on the batteries. As twilight approaches, the solar charger will eventually go off and depending on the volume of power usage, the desulfators will cut off over time, as the batteries switch to provide power to his operation. The power consumption from Infinitum Desulfators are so minuscule at below 0.5W, it is negligible but yet powerful enough to get the job done.

The same 12V Infinitum Desulfator Uthan used in this operation can be used for almost any 12V battery in any application.

Infinitum News

The Infinitum Desulfator Is Now Used In 129 Countries Globally

We celebrate our 14th business year this year. It has been a challenging yet an adventure we never thought possible. Till date our products are used in 129 countries all over the world, some of which we never knew existed and some so small you’ll very likely not see it in this map.

The robust construction of our products allow them to be used in the harshest conditions you can imagine on the planet. From the coldest regions in Canada and Europe to the rust inducing conditions found in marine applications, the Infinitum Desulfator has not only withstood these extreme conditions but have stood the test of time with customers still using our products they purchased form us more than a decade ago.

Below is a snapshot of the countries where Infinitum Desulfators are used, being marked in green. Looking to be a distributor of our product in your country? Simply click here to contact us.

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24V Infinitum Desulfator Installation For A Truck

In an effort to reduce battery replacement cost, a poultry meat distribution company based in Malaysia installed 24V Infinitum Desulfators their trucks. Though the trucks are used more regularly than domestic vehicles, the trucks are still parked longer than they are used. This results in the build-up of crystallised sulfation that kills batteries prematurely. 

Now with the 24V desulfator installed, the two 12V batteries set in series will not only perform better but will have its lifespan optimised. Below are images of the installation on one of those trucks which took about 5 minutes to perform.

Infinitum News Testimonial

Filipino Raves On The Solid Build Of The Infinitum As Compared To The Clen Desulfator

We are continuing to see progress in the Filipino market through our distributor based in Cebu, Philippines. Here is a post from a customer there who made a comparison with the China-made Clen desulfator. She had purchased the Infinitum Desulfator to optimize solar street light batteries.

She candidly noted how the Clen desulfator which failed within one month, looked like a product from Toy Kingdom, a local toy store there. The post was made on a private Facebook group page, so we are only able to provide a snapshot of that post below:

View the actual Facebook post below:

Infinitum News Solar Batteries

100 Infinitum Desulfators Bound For Solar Project In Manokwari, Indonesia

A solar street lamp installed in 2012

We received an order for 100 12V Infinitum Desulfators for yet another solar street light installation in Papua, Indonesia. In the first Papua solar street light project spanning a period of one year from June 2012, 800 solar street lights were installed in several towns in this easternmost part of Indonesia. Each street light was powered by a 12V 100AH battery with our desulfators installed.

Following on the success of the initial projects, the Indonesian government decided to extend the use of this form of street lighting made even more eco-friendly by the optimized battery life span, to Manokwari, the capital city of the province of West Papua. With an initial installation of 100 street lights, this city is headed towards a greener and cleaner environment, essential to its tourist-driven economy.

The compact nature of the product meant that the entire order could fit snugly in a small box ready for its dispatch with DHL Express. No individual packaging was provided as seen here to facilitate faster installation on arrival.

The solar street light’s battery with the Infinitum Desulfator, seen here installed above the battery.

A Customised Order For Ring Lugs

All 100 units were delivered with customised ring lugs instead of the regular fork lugs, seen in the above image. 

Infinitum News Solar Batteries

Infinitum Desulfators Used In Solar Powered Temple In Remote Chiangmai, Thailand

In July of 2014, we received an enquiry from a Buddhist Forest Monastery, in Omkoi district. Deep, and remote, it resided at the border of Chiangmai, Thailand, with Myanmar. This particular monastery is located high in the mountains and deep in the forest. Being remote and far from civilization, it was no wonder that it is completely off-grid and dependent on solar energy.

Mr. Kittisobhano, a volunteer there sought our help for a cost-effective, solar setup by using used automotive batteries and with the Infinitum Desulfators to optimize the life span and performance of the batteries.

Specifications to the battery bank used:

  • 6 sets of two 12V 100Ah or 200Ah batteries in series
    • Each set is connected to 1 Solar charge controller.
The solar panels is visible on the roof at the monastery.
Entrance to the monastery.
Panoramic view of the property.
The battery banks with one 12V Desulfator installed on each 12V battery. The red LEDs on the Desulfators are on in this photo indicating that the battery charge level was low.
Infinitum News Testimonial

A Follow Up Visit With Haulage Company, Komunajaya

A report from Infinitum:

In July, we paid a courtesy visit to Komunajaya Sdn Bhd, a haulage company we had supplied 24V Infinitum Battery Desulfators for each of their 150+ trucks and vehicles over the course of February and March of 2014.

We met with Ric Tan as well as the company’s maintenance engineer to follow up on the application and progress of usage after about half a year after use.

The desulfators were used both on the vehicles as well as to optimize batteries if vehicles were in maintenance or idle for a couple of days.

One of the trucks we inspected had batteries that were installed brand new in September and October of 2013, while the desulfators were at work for the past 4 to 5 months. As the images show, the mΩ readings of the batteries show Ohm readings of a typical new battery. Though we do not have the Cold Cranking Amp readings before installation, the CCA readings of the 12V batteries were 72% and 78%. Taking into consideration too that the truck had been idle for about a day, the batteries are in relatively good condition.

Images from our recent visit to the Komunajaya headquarters:

Both 12V batteries were tested for its Cold Cranking Amps as well as resistance. Both batteries had been recently charged with a 12.60V and 12.59V state of charge respectively. 



Age: 10 months (September 4, 2013)
CCA Reading: 541.2 or 72%
Resistance: 4.95mΩ


Age: 9 months (October 14, 2013)
CCA Reading: 591.6 or 78%
Resistance: 4.52mΩ

Click to read our first report on Komunajaya from 26th February, 2014 or here for their testimonial.

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Haulage Company, Tanjong Express Begins Using Infinitum Desulfators To Lower Frequency Of Battery Replacements

The haulage company, Tanjung Express recently got word regarding the savings that haulage company, Komunajaya was enjoying since using the 24V Infinitum desulfators on their trucks for the past 6 months and placed an initial order to use on trial for twenty of their trucks.

Kumunajaya, had kept detailed records of the condition and age of their truck batteries for a couple of years now. So far, according to their Technician Clerk, Ric Tan, they’ve noted a reduction of battery replacements by 40% generating substantial cost savings.

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Infinitum Desulfators Used On Battery Banks In Pulangi Iv Hydroelectric Plant, Philippines

We received an order from the Pulangi IV Hydroelectric Plant in the Philippines in November of 2012. The purchase was made to optimize the life span of the battery banks consisting of sixty 2V deep cycle batteries.

However, due to the maintenance schedule they had to adhere to, the desulfators were only installed in April of 2014. During which time, the batteries were kept in storage in a discharged state for two months. Using the Infinitum Desulfators ensured that the batteries were free from the sulfation that accumulated during its time in storage.

125 VDC Standby DC Battery Bank Information

The EverExceed batteries used in the battery banks at Pulangi IV Hydroelectric Plant, Philippines.
  • Battery quantity: 61
  • Battery brand: EverExceed 
  • Battery voltage rating: 2V
  • Battery configuration: serial
  • Total battery voltage: 120V
  • Battery type: Tubular sealed gel VRLA
  • Battery amp hour rating: 600Ah
  • Battery desulfator: 12V Infinitum Desulfator
  • Total desulfators used: 10
  • Desulfator installation: One 12V desulfator installed in parallel on six 2V batteries in series

Client: Pulangi IV Hydroelectric Plant
Location: Maramag, Bukidnon, Philippines
Purpose: To optimize the performance and life span of a 125VDC Standby DC battery bank consisting of sixty-one 2V VRLA batteries.

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Infinitum Desulfators Gets Greener

All packed and ready to go. This shipment of 50 12V Infinitum Desulfator units is headed to the Philippines today.

Our new packaging is lighter & more compact, which in turns reduces the amount of energy used to ship our orders all over the world and thereby reduces carbon emissions. 

So compact, in fact, the packed Infinitum Desulfator fits in the palm of your hand. The packaging is made of recycled card instead of the plastic packaging previously used. A little goes a long way when we shipping so many each month.