Stanley Fatmax Jump Starter Battery Receives New Lease Of Life

Stanley Fatmax Jump Starter Battery Receives New Lease Of Life

We’ve received yet another testimonial on a jump starter battery recovery after using the Infinitum Desulfator (The previous one was on a Century Jumper 850). This time it is a Stanley Fatmax 350 Amp jump starter. The 12 volt 7.2 Amp hour sealed lead acid or SLA battery could only hold a charge at 11.8 volts but after charging it with the Infinitum Desulfator installed at the same time for a day, the battery now is fully restored to hold a charge at 12.6V. More importantly, the Fatmax can now crank up his Isuzu without issue.

Jumpstarters have built-in SLA batteries that provide the power to work. These batteries, similar to automotive batteries, will also experience the ‘cancerous’ process of sulfation. If left untreated, the battery will die in half the time that it was made for. In other words, that’s good money down the drain. With the Infinitum desulfator, this growth of sulfation is reversed and returning the much needed active material back into the battery. Not only that, the Infinitum is reusable, so you can expect to recover many batteries throughout its long service life.

January 2020 update: We apologize but the Facebook post shared by the customer mentioned above is no longer available on Facebook due to the changed privacy setting.

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