Solar Company's Experience With Infinitum Desulfators

Solar Company’s Experience With Infinitum Desulfators

CV. Manohara is a company that we had dealt with on a few projects including the installation of 900 solar street lamps and solar-powered cable TV community centers for remote villages in West Papua, Indonesia. This is their official testament of their experience dealing with us and the use of our products for the projects:

Transcript of the above letter for easier reading:

To whom it may concern

CV. Manohara was appointed by the Indonesian government to install over 900 solar street lamps as well as off-grid solar-powered satellite television centres for 610 villages in the remote areas of Papua and West Papua, Indonesia. We selected Infinitum Desulfators to be used concurrently with the batteries installed to the solar systems to ensure the optimized longevity of the batteries. ​

We find that Infinitum Desulfators are hardy, weather proof and proven to be able to provide maintenance-free function of the solar panel batteries. In our quest for a greener environment, the desulfator is a wise choice. Xceed Enterprise, the manufacturer of the Infinitum Desulfators were able to deliver the units promptly and in a timely manner despite of the large order of over two thousand units. Though some units have been in use since 2011, they are all still fully functional and operational along with the batteries they were meant to optimize.


Andreas Wijono,
Director, CV. MANOHARA

Here’s a slide show of that solar project:

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