Solar And Wind Power Batteries No Longer Require Discharge Cycle Maintenance

Solar And Wind Power Batteries No Longer Require Discharge Cycle Maintenance

These desulfators are a great product. I am using them to support a battery bank for solar and wind generators. Usually, one would have to drain then replenish the batteries in the battery bank every three weeks to stabilize and eliminate any oxidation on the plates. 

The desulfators I got from Infinitum are eliminating the need to take that very time consuming chore! It is definitely a great addition, in fact, necessary to anyone working with alternative energy! I have been a repeat customer and will continue to do so.

Greg Mason,
Rimfire Technologies,
Washington, USA

Sulfation, being the main cause of premature battery failure, occurs whenever batteries are not being charged. For solar power battery banks, the duration of the discharge is much longer than the charge time, so the accumulation of sulfate will eventually kill the battery prematurely. Sulfation will also occur on wind-powered battery banks if there is predominantly inconsistent and insufficient wind to create an effective charge. 

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