Small Investment To Maintain A $1000 Off-grid Solar Battery Bank, Its A No-brainer

Small Investment To Maintain A $1000 Off-grid Solar Battery Bank, Its A No-brainer

From memory, I have 6 of your desulphators which I purchased in August 2013. This order today will make 7, I think that speaks volumes for the product.

Nothing nicer than walking into the battery shed at night time and seeing all the little green LED’s shining brightly, hard at work. As far as I know, they’re working fine, we have very few if any problems with the solar power system, which is important to me as I tend to spend extended periods away from home due to work commitments.

Where we live there is no mains power, were totally off-grid and I’m confident the Infinitum desulphators are playing their vital part in maintaining the system.

This won’t be the last order either, early next year I’m planning to set up a 6 KW system after the new house is built, so rest assured, I’ll be back for more. To me, a $60-odd investment to protect and maintain a $1000 worth of batteries for 10 years or more is a no brainer.

Keith van Dijk

Keith van Dijk
Owen, South Australia

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Banner image by John Englart

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