Scooter Chair Batteries Saved With Infinitum Desulfators

Scooter Chair Batteries Saved With Infinitum Desulfators

“Very satisfied with the results!”

Scooter chair batteries optimized with Infinitum Desulfators.

Thanks very much for a great product, I had two 12 volt batteries that are used in a product here in the US, called a Scooter Chair. It costs $69.00 each to replace these batteries. Before knowing about your battery saver device, I had tried to charge my batteries with no results. I then tried using Epson salts as many stated on YouTube on ‘how to save your dead battery’, well that did not work as the batteries did not charge.

But I did some research and found your product. I am pleased to tell you after a week using the Infinitum desulfator, both batteries are charged to 100%. So I have been spreading the word, and ordered 5 units. That is how much I believe in your product. I will be using these on restoring UPS batteries that would not charge! Very satisfied with the results.

Dennis Sigala
Computer Design Technologies, LLC. 
Miramar Beach, Florida, United States.

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