Restored Battery Starts Tractor With One Crank

Restored Battery Starts Tractor With One Crank

Larry Dimasi made his first desulfator purchase from us in October 2010 and promptly posted a video testimonial on how he revived a dead 12V Exide 700CCA truck battery. He posted another video two months later on how he reconditioned his Century tractor battery with an external charger as well as his Bosch battery meant for his Holden Commodore.  

The Infinitum Desulfator can be used to recondition or revive batteries with an external charger when a battery is in poor condition or is dead. It typically takes about 2 to 3 days of charging with the desulfator installed in parallel at the same time as you will see in this video. If you use your vehicle frequently, then you will enjoy the best lifespan optimisation by installing the desulfator throughout the service life of the battery. 

Below is a slideshow for a quick peek of that video:

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