Recovered Battery Cranks Up Now Despite Sub-Zero Temperatures

Recovered Battery Cranks Up Now Despite Sub-Zero Temperatures

I have bought more of your product after being totally amazed with result achieved having bought one to trial on a Heavy Duty Battery that was showing signs of failure in a VW Diesel car. That was a month ago and the battery is now performing as if new and those telltale sounds made when a battery is failing to produce enough starting current have completely gone. So satisfied with your product that I have bought these additional units and I will install them on all vehicles with battery powered starting.

Douglas’ 70Ah Varta Battery used on his Volkswagen 2.0l Turbo Diesel.
Douglas’ VW Golf 2.0l Turbo Diesel

The Battery is a Varta was fitted as standard by Volkswagen when new in 2007 (photo). The VW Golf is a 2.0Lt Turbo Diesel owned since new and has travelled 130,000km.

Most impressive part of the outcome was that the car was driven to the snow for a three day period only seven days after fitting the device and this battery was struggling to start the car only seven days earlier in normal Sydney winter temperature of plus 7°C to 10°C, but after such a short time was able to start the car in minus -5°C with car covered in snow.

I took battery leads to the snow expecting the worst, but did not need them, and the battery is now perfect. I generally get 5-6 years from a battery in each of our cars and less on the Mowers and tractors, so I am looking forward to seeing how the other vehicles perform with all the new desulfators fitted.

Thank you for your assistance and making such a wonderful product.

Douglas Grace
Ingleside, Australia.

We were reminded on Facebook of this testimonial we shared exactly 4 years ago today and realised we did not share it here on our website. Douglas emailed his testimonial and shared images of his car and installation back in August of 2012. So the recovered battery was already into its fifth year when Douglas shared this testimonial.

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