Optimizing Battery Lifespan In Remote Papua, Indonesia

Optimizing Battery Lifespan In Remote Papua, Indonesia

Over a period of 4 months from August 2011, a couple of thousand units of Infinitum Desulfators were supplied to our distributor in Indonesia for a remote area project in Papua and West Papua of Indonesia.

Our 12V desulfators were used to optimize the battery life span for solar powered community centers in 610 remote villages in Papua. Some settlements were so remote, it took more than 3 days to access by boat, plane or on foot. It definitely made sense to reduce the frequency of maintenance of all the hundreds of remote villages and in so doing , to significantly reduce the associated maintenance cost.

The desulfators were also used on batteries used in 800 solar street lamps in more populated towns all over Papua in June 2012 and in June 2013.Papua, formerly known as West Irian Jaya, is the easternmost province of Indonesia with a land area slightly bigger than New Mexico. The 3.5 million inhabitants here are mainly tribal in nature, living in very basic living conditions where roads, power and running water are virtually non-existent. In the Indonesian government’s efforts to improve the living conditions here, satellite television and basic lighting were introduced, enabling hundreds of thousands of indigenous Papuans to connect to the rest of the world.

Map of Papua, Indonesia

Solar Street Lights

Solar Powered Community Centers in Papua

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