Noticeable Battery Improvement After Just 10 Hours Of Use

Noticeable Battery Improvement After Just 10 Hours Of Use

We received this testimonial from our customer, Joo Seng. He successfully revived his dead sealed lead acid battery that could no longer receive a charge. However, after a 10-hour charge with the Infinitum Desulfator installed paralleled together with a charger, the battery began to receive a charge at 0.2 amps. He continued the process for another 10 hours and saw that charge increase to 0.4 amps.

Joo Seng also shared how he lent the desulfator to a friend to revive his car battery that was struggling to crank the engine in the mornings. After a week of usage, the battery’s performance improved with easier and quicker engine cranks.

Below is the post he shared on our Facebook page:

UPDATE March 2019: We managed to get in touch with Joo Seng again recently and he is still using the desulfator he purchased from us 3 years ago but now on a new battery that he just replaced in February 2019.

NOTE: We recommend installing the desulfator near the battery and not on the battery itself because the desulfator will outlast the battery and is reusable. One good location to install is to stick the desulfator on the fuse box cover. The fuse box is usually (in most cars) located right next to the battery.

Noticeable Battery Improvement After Just 10 Hours Of Use

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