Marine Battery Care & Maintenance

Marine Battery Care & Maintenance

Most batteries used marine vessels today are lead-acid type batteries. Used over the decades, it remains the most popular form of electrical power supply and storage due to its low maintenance. The disadvantages are the weight and its short life span.

The two battery types frequently used are starter batteries that deliver a short burst of power to start the engine and after which would be charged by the alternator. The other are deep cycle batteries which main function is to store power and deliver it gradually to run your lights, instruments, trolling motor, etc.

Unknown to many avid sailors, most batteries die prematurely. This is due to a process called sulfation, a chemical process within the battery which forms crystalized layers over the battery plates, essentially eating away a battery’s performance and lifespan.

However, with the INFINITUM DESULFATOR this destructive process can be reverted and restore the battery condition and maximize its life span up to 2 to 3 times.

Unlike other brands, our desulfator are perfectly adapted to the harsh, wet and salty conditions of the marine environment. Being rust-proof, heat and water-resistant, you can expect the INFINITUM DESULFATOR to recondition and maintain numerous batteries throughout its life. The INFINITUM DESULFATOR can also be used on batteries used in jet skis, catamarans, powered boats, speed boats, sailboats using solar and wind power to charge their deep cycle batteries.

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