Installing The Infinitum Desulfator On A Mitsubishi Triton

Installing The Infinitum Desulfator On A Mitsubishi Triton

We received a number of images from a customer recently installed the Infinitum Desulfator he purchased for his 2007 4WD Mitsubishi Triton truck.

The installation gallery shows how simple it is to perform the installation. Find a place close to the battery to stick the desulfator unit on. Making sure that the surface is clean and free from dirt or dust. The Infinitum Desulfator comes with industrial-strength 3M double-sided tape that is already stuck on the backside of the unit. Press firmly on the desulfator unit after it is stuck so that the double-sided tape properly adheres to the surface you have selected.

In this instant, the customer chose to stick the unit on the fuse box cover which is located right next to the battery. The cables are then connected to the battery terminals, matching the colour on the cables. There is no need to disconnect the battery during the installation. Loosen the nut and slip in the fork lugs and tighten again, ensuring that the installation is firm. You will only need to completely remove the nut if you purchased the model with the ring lug.

Infinitum Desulfator Installation Gallery On A Mitsubishi Triton

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