Infinitum Desulfators Used To Optimize Flight Simulator System Batteries

Infinitum Desulfators Used To Optimize Flight Simulator System Batteries

The flight simulator maintenance engineer at the Asian Aviation Center of Excellence (AACE) consulted us recently to provide a solution for the reserve batteries used in their flight simulator electric motion system.

Each of the six flight simulator systems at the AACE are integrated with four 12 volt sealed lead acid batteries setup in series forming a total of 48V. The maintenance crew for the simulators reserve a number of batteries ready to replace any battery in an event of a failure.

These batteries however, are kept in storage for months on end eventually which negatively impacted its performance and eventually failing prematurely. The solution we provided was to charge the batteries regularly with the Infinitum Desulfator installed each time any of the reserve batteries were charged. By doing so the batteries are kept in optimum health and performance.

The Asian Aviation Center of Excellence

The Asian Aviation Center of Excellence (AACE) is an aviation training center based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is a joint venture between two aviation corporate giants, CAE Inc of Canada and Air Asia of Malaysia. Both are leaders in their respective fields; CAE as the world leader in aviation training simulation products & services and AirAsia, Asia’s largest & the world’s best Low Cost Carrier.

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