Infinitum Desulfators Used On Battery Banks In Pulangi Iv Hydroelectric Plant, Philippines

Infinitum Desulfators Used On Battery Banks In Pulangi Iv Hydroelectric Plant, Philippines

We received an order from the Pulangi IV Hydroelectric Plant in the Philippines in November of 2012. The purchase was made to optimize the life span of the battery banks consisting of sixty 2V deep cycle batteries.

However, due to the maintenance schedule they had to adhere to, the desulfators were only installed in April of 2014. During which time, the batteries were kept in storage in a discharged state for two months. Using the Infinitum Desulfators ensured that the batteries were free from the sulfation that accumulated during its time in storage.

125 VDC Standby DC Battery Bank Information

The EverExceed batteries used in the battery banks at Pulangi IV Hydroelectric Plant, Philippines.
  • Battery quantity: 61
  • Battery brand: EverExceed 
  • Battery voltage rating: 2V
  • Battery configuration: serial
  • Total battery voltage: 120V
  • Battery type: Tubular sealed gel VRLA
  • Battery amp hour rating: 600Ah
  • Battery desulfator: 12V Infinitum Desulfator
  • Total desulfators used: 10
  • Desulfator installation: One 12V desulfator installed in parallel on six 2V batteries in series

Client: Pulangi IV Hydroelectric Plant
Location: Maramag, Bukidnon, Philippines
Purpose: To optimize the performance and life span of a 125VDC Standby DC battery bank consisting of sixty-one 2V VRLA batteries.

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