Infinitum Desulfators Outlasts China Made Desulfator

Infinitum Desulfators Outlasts China Made Desulfator

I bought a CLEN desulfator made in China which only lasted about 4 months and now it’s useless. On the contrary, the three Infinitum desulfators I bought in December 2010, January 2011 and another one in May 2012 are still working fine today!

George Bendikov
Grange, SA, Australia

Note from Infinitum: A couple of months ago, a distributor of ours had tested several desulfators in the market including one made in China. He too experienced a failure of the China-made desulfators in just a couple of weeks, one of which melted in the heat of the engine compartment and another had a failed LED display.

You can be assured that with the Infinitum battery desulfators you will enjoy many years of service life. It only makes sense, since they’re meant to optimize the lifespan of batteries by years.

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