Infinitum Desulfator installation 
on a Nissan Grand Lavina

Infinitum Desulfator installation 
on a Nissan Grand Lavina

This is my second battery desulfator unit from Infinitum. The people at Infinitum have been really supportive and responsive when it comes to product inquiries and tech support.

I installed the Infinitum Desulfator for my Nissan Grand Lavina on 31 July 2019. At the time of installation, the battery was 3 months old. I received a replacement battery was recently replaced when it failed within the warranty period.

I am looking forward to reaping the benefits in the long term. We’ll see the result in a year down the road the effects of prolonging the life of the battery. I am optimistic and excited at the same time. The good thing about the Infinitum Desulfator is that I can install and forget about it to let it work without supervision.

Review by: Stephen Yong

Infinitum Desulfator Installation Gallery for a Nissan Grand Lavina

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