Infinitum Desulfator Installation For The Toyota Vios

Infinitum Desulfator Installation For The Toyota Vios

The Toyota Vios is one of the most common subcompact cars in Asia. Installing the Infinitum desulfator in this car takes less than 5 minutes with rewards lasting way beyond a decade. 

Click here for detailed step by step installation instruction for the Infinitum Desulfator.

As you can see in the image below, the desulfator cable is sufficiently long to reach the battery terminals. The desulfator unit is stuck on with the provided 3M double-sided tape to the car’s fuse box cover next to the battery. This will not impede any access to the car’s electronics in the future as the cover is removed, the desulfator will still be connected to the battery with sufficient length of movement to rest the cover. 

The reason why the desulfator is stuck on the fuse box cover instead of the battery is because the desulfator will outlast the battery a couple of times over. So you keep using the same unit over and over again, providing you with multiple times of savings.

Infinitum Desulfator Installation For The Toyota Vios

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