How To Revive Dead Batteries

How To Revive Dead Batteries

As long as there is still active material in a car or motorcycle battery and the plates aren’t shorted, any battery that fails due to lead sulfate crystallization has a chance of being revived and reused. This is not only limited to car batteries, but to ALL lead-acid batteries!

There are already battery clinics in certain countries now that revive and recondition batteries, which are later sold back to customers at about 1/3 the retail value of a new battery. These batteries are given 6-month replacement warranties! The graph below shows a typical revival process of a 45 Ah Ca-Ca battery that had failed 2 years ago due to shelf sulfation. Note how the impedance and CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) are inversely related. The CCA of the battery, initially at 112 increased gradually up to 321. The battery was originally rated at 360 CCA, and it takes about 180 CCA to crank a car.

In this particular example, the battery was revived by the Infinitum Desulfator in approximately 6 hours or so. Do note that not all batteries can be revived in such short periods of time. The speed of revival depends on the degree of sulfation the battery suffers from. Revival can take up to weeks if a battery is badly sulfated as more time is needed to break the lead sulfate crystals.

As Good As Almost New 

With battery analyzers, you will know how well a reconditioned or revived battery works. Measurements such as cold-cranking amps and internal impedance (Ohms) can be taken to diagnose the battery’s health.

NOTE: This article is applicable to all lead acid-based batteries, including Sealed Acid (SLA) Batteries, gel, deep cycle, maintenance-free or dry batteries. Whether the battery is calcium-calcium, calcium-silver, lead-calcium, or lead-antimony, it is still essentially a lead-acid battery as these batteries consist of 99% lead. Find out how you too can recover your failed batteries and bring them back to life with the Infinitum Desulfator.

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