Haulage Company Uses Infinitum Desulfators To Optimize Their Fleet's Battery Life Span

Haulage Company Uses Infinitum Desulfators To Optimize Their Fleet’s Battery Life Span

A report from Infinitum:

Komunajaya Sdn Bhd (Private Limited) is a haulage company engaged in trading and renting of vehicles, lorries, cranes, providing transportation and vehicles repairing services.

In an effort to solve a pressing issue of their batteries failing within just a year of usage, their mechanical engineers discovered our battery desulfator and purchased one 12V and one 24V model for testing. To their amazement, they managed to rejuvenate a 19 month old 12V battery to 100% of its rated capacity from its 70% initial Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) reading. 

With a fleet of over 150 trucks as well as trucks, lorries and cranes, it made sense to invest a little in our desulfators to gain a whole lot more in savings year after year.

Komunajaya Sdn Bhd is the parent company to another two companies in the related industry, Formula Utama Sdn Bhd and Tasek Cranes Movers Sdn Bhd.Update April 14th, 2014: Click here to view the testimonial sent from the company.

A glimpse of the fleet of tucks in the company’s yard awaiting maintenance.
A truck under routine maintenance.

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