Haulage Company, Tanjong Express Begins Using Infinitum Desulfators To Lower Frequency Of Battery Replacements

The haulage company, Tanjung Express recently got word regarding the savings that haulage company, Komunajaya was enjoying since using the 24V Infinitum desulfators on their trucks for the past 6 months and placed an initial order to use on trial for twenty of their trucks.

Kumunajaya, had kept detailed records of the condition and age of their truck batteries for a couple of years now. So far, according to their Technician Clerk, Ric Tan, they’ve noted a reduction of battery replacements by 40% generating substantial cost savings.

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Infinitum Desulfator

Not Your Common Battery

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7 Year-old Junked Battery Revived

7 Year-old Junked Battery Revived

BATTERY CONDITION BEFORE DESULFATION:  I received the Infinitum Desulphator Battery Saver exactly 10 working days as you have stated. I have found a dead MF (maintenance free) calcium battery left

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