Haulage Company Komunajaya Speaks Out About Infinitum Desulfators

Haulage Company Komunajaya Speaks Out About Infinitum Desulfators

It is always a pleasure working with companies to bring a significant change in operational savings. We had recently written about supplying our Infinitum battery desulfators for each of their 150 odd haulage trucks. The company, Komunajaya Sdn Bhd (Private Limited) were gracious to send us a letter on our recent dealings with them.

Transcript of the above letter for easier reading: 


Komunajaya Sdn Bhd is a haulage company; engaged in trading and renting of vehicles, lorries, cranes, forklifts; providing mechanical repair, maintenance and logistical services.

Our mechanical engineers discovered the Infinitum Desulfator when researching on methods to reduce the ever increasing cost associated with the frequent replacing of our 12V lead acid trailer batteries due to the short service life span of about 1 year.

We had purchased a few samples for testing and were pleased to note the improved Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) of a 18 month old car battery from 70% to 100% of its rated CCAs.

We are now in the process of installing the Infinitum Desulfators on all our fleet vehicles to ensure the reduction in operational and maintenance cost.

We are pleased that the efforts of Xceed Enterprise will be playing an appreciable role in environmental conservation with longer-lasting batteries, reducing the hazardous impact of unnecessary premature disposal of batteries.

Yours truly,

Pau Kim Lee
Komunajaya Sdn Bhd

We visited Komunajaya a couple of months later to find out the positive results, with a 40% reduction in battery replacements a month

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