Fish Farm Solar Batteries Optimized With Desulfators

Fish Farm Solar Batteries Optimized With Desulfators

Fish farmer, Uthan Chuat purchased Infinitum Desulfators from us to optimize the fourteen 12V Deep Cycle batteries in his solar-powered battery bank used in his fish farm off the shores of Malaysia. The fish farm which also doubles up as his home is completely off-grid being powered solely by the sun. Being close to the equator provides good sun all year round with only cloudy days being the exception.

Desulfators are used here to optimize the lifespan of the batteries. The lifespan of the batteries is also optimized from the relatively cooler conditions being above the water despite of the warmer climate in the tropics.

All fourteen of Uthan’s 12V batteries are setup in parallel in this 12V solar installation. The charge controller maintains the charge at above 13V which is more than sufficient to keep the desulfators working as long as there is sunlight. Below is a picturesque view of his floating fish farm.

Uthan’s off-grid solar-powered home and fish farm

The Infinitum Desulfators come with an automated shut off system that triggers at about 12.5V. This is to prevent an unwanted power drain on the batteries. As twilight approaches, the solar charger will eventually go off and depending on the volume of power usage, the desulfators will cut off over time, as the batteries switch to provide power to his operation. The power consumption from Infinitum Desulfators are so minuscule at below 0.5W, it is negligible but yet powerful enough to get the job done.

The same 12V Infinitum Desulfator Uthan used in this operation can be used for almost any 12V battery in any application.

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