Failed 7-year-old Quad Bike Battery Restored

Failed 7-year-old Quad Bike Battery Restored

In the video below, Jeremy relates how he successfully recovers three of his quad bike batteries. One of which was a 12V battery that only read 7.6V and he managed to charge it up, but the voltage would not go any higher than 9.7V.

After connecting the Infinitum Desulfator to the battery together with a 2 amp trickle charge charger for 2 days, the battery was revived. A volt measurement made 4 days later at a healthy 12.96V proved that the battery was able to hold its charge. 

He also successfully revived his Yamaha Raptor 50 battery to 12.77V and his Suzuki QuadSport Z50 battery to 12.83V all with a single 12V Infinitum Desulfator.

TOTAL SAVED: $90 – $120

“I ran this desulfator unit on the battery in my 7-year-old booster pack that would never hold a charge over 20% and voltage read 4.2 volts. I didn’t think it would work but it is now reading 12.5v and says 85% after 3 days trickle charging with the desulfator connected.”

Jeremy Shaffer,
Quad Motorcycle Enthusiast,
New York, United States

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