Dying Solar Batteries Recovered With The Infinitum Desulfator

Dying Solar Batteries Recovered With The Infinitum Desulfator

Tamz left this testimonial on Facebook of how he managed to recover his solar batteries that were no longer able to accept a charge. In the image, you would note how he has hooked up the 24V Infinitum Desulfator in parallel with two 12V batteries that are hooked up to make up 24V. 

The testimonial is a mix of Filipino and English. Below is the translation:

Excuse me for the spaghetti-looking wire setup. After roughly 6 years in service, I thought that this was the end for my battery system; it wouldn’t accept charge anymore. even without any load, it will only reach 22 volts in the morning.

Until I bought a desulfator just to try it out. After two weeks, the battery was still weak. I guess there really is no hope for my battery system anymore. Until the 3rd week with the desulfator installed! My battery was brought back to life and they perform well now. I am so happy!

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