Dying 5 Year-old Land Cruiser Battery Finally Expires At 8 Years

Dying 5 Year-old Land Cruiser Battery Finally Expires At 8 Years

Pete purchased 16 12V Infinitum desulfators from us back in 2012 and another 10 in 2014. We managed to contact him for an update from his earlier testimonial he had left us in 2014.

The car that Pete is referring to in this testimonial is his Toyota Land Cruiser batteries which he got an additional 3 years of service life. The scrap battery he purchased for $5.00, intended to run his refrigerator is still running after 4 years. Here’s a summary of how he benefitted: 

Toyota Land Cruiser battery (The car referred to in this testimonial):

  • Age of battery on installation: About 5 years
  • Condition during installation in March 2012: Nearing the end of life
  • Additional years of service provided by the desulfator: About 3 years
  • Total age of battery on expiry: 8 years
  • Benefit: The same desulfator can be repeatedly used on following replacement batteries

Scrap battery to run a refrigerator

  • Scrap battery cost: $5.00
  • Condition: No longer cranks engine
  • Age: unknown
  • Date of installation: March 2012
  • Condition now: Still running though capacity has dropped to 50%

​The best time to install the desulfator is now. You will enjoy the best lifespan optimisation the earlier you start using it.

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