Don't Drive Another Mile Until You Read These 4 Facts

Don’t Drive Another Mile Until You Read These 4 Facts

# 1 You Are Very Likely A Victim Of Premature Battery Failure

Sulfation is the #1 cause of premature battery failure today, affecting more than 8 out of every 10 vehicles on the road today. 

​So what is sulfation? ​Sulfation is the formation of lead sulfate crystals that eventually kills a battery prematurely.

# 2 You Are Killing Your Batteries Simply By Parking It

Sulfation accumulates in a battery whenever a vehicle is parked and is dissolved back as usable active material essential to the battery lifespan whenever the battery is charged. How is this a problem?

Studies have shown that vehicles are parked much longer than they are driven as shown in the diagram below.

As vehicles are parked far longer than they are driven, sulfation would have more time to grow than to dissolve. Over time, the spongy sulfation crystallizes and can no longer dissolve which forms an insulating layer over the battery’s lead plates which essentially kills your battery before its time.

# 3 You’re Only Getting Half Of What You Paid For On Your Batteries

Sulfation can cut your battery’s lifespan by half. This means you have been needlessly ​bleeding money every single day, since you owned your first vehicle. 

# 4 There Is A Simple And Cost Effective Solution

Imagine how much you would save if you could double or even triple the lifespan of your batteries. But there is more. What if you could do that over and over again with just one solution, even when you replace your battery? How much that would save you now? Possibly hundreds if not thousands of your hard earned money!

12V Infinitum Desulfator

Sulfation can be reversed with the Infinitum Desulfator, restoring the condition of the battery and providing up to 3 times more battery life. This reusable technology will maintain and restore numerous batteries during its service life.

The Infinitum battery desulfator is the most robust battery life span optimizer in its class. Withstanding the harshest road or off-road condition you can throw at it. So durable you would only need to buy this once per vehicle. It is also a CE certified device, being totally safe to use and harmless to any electrical equipment on your bike regardless of make or model.


  • Get 2 to 3 times more lifespan
  • Reusable technology saves not just one but many batteries throughout its service life
  • Reduce the frequency of battery changes
  • Recovers most dead batteries
  • Better performance
  • Better savings
  • 1-year warranty
  • CE certified
  • Works on all automotive, marine, solar batteries regardless of Ah rating or brand.​

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