Do Infinitum Desulfators Really Work?

Do Infinitum Desulfators Really Work?

Rob purchased the Infinitum Desulfator from us back in October 2010. Many do wonder if the Infinitum Desulfators really work to recover dead batteries and to optimize battery lifespan. Below is the testimonial Rob left us in 2010 and the review he wrote that was published in GEO’s quarterly journal later in 2012.

(Update: We managed to catch up with him 5 years later in 2015 to find out that the same unit he purchased from us is still working fine).

Scroll down to view the transcript of Rob’s article:

Desulfator Review

Improve The Performance Of Your Storage Batteries With A Desulfator

by Rob Denton

At home I make use of a number of rechargeable 12-volt lead-acid storage batteries (accumulators), rather like those used in motor cars. My weather station PCs, for instance, are backed up by a 3 kilowatt uninterruptible power supply (UPS) which uses eight 12V, 7.5 Ah sealed ‘mat’ batteries. At around £130 a set these don’t come cheap, and mine were clearly reaching the end of their life as their backup time was down to 10 minutes after the power went off. I would normally expect much more than that. 

It wasn’t that my batteries had packed up; it was simply the fact that the lead plated inside them had become covered in non-conducting lead sulphate, thus rendering them unable to perform correctly. Most people replace their batteries at this stage but you know what? They simply needed desulfating. 

I use the Infinitum desulfator, which seems a nice choice at a good price. As times get harder we tighten our purses more—so why did I suddenly splash out on a £30 battery desulfator? I’ll tell you why: this little box of tricks has already saved me over £180.

​The desulfator works just great on car and truck batteries. You can simply leave it permanently connected on our car to keep the battery in tip-top condition. One thing that I must mention is that the desulfator is not a battery charger; it merely reconditions your batteries. It will not work with damaged cells. It requires a constant power supply to work and I use a small motorcycle battery charger in conjunction with my desulfator.

I am very pleased with my desulfator and can confirm it has saved me a lot of money for a small outlay.

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