Diesel Forklift Battery Optimized And Still In Use Even After 11+ Years!

Diesel Forklift Battery Optimized And Still In Use Even After 11+ Years!

Tony Castleman posted this on our Facebook page today. It is good to hear that he is still benefiting from the desulfator units he purchased from us back in November 2007. Here is an update to his testimonial:

The full transcript of his Facebook post:

Here is another of my success stories, I purchased a non running, used Linde H30D Diesel forklift in 2009, when it was delivered the battery was quite flat and would not crank over/start. 

As the battery was already 4-5 years old (see pic of date code) I was thinking $180 for a new battery was going to hurt a little… 

However, It was placed on SLOW charge overnight with my trusty Desulphator connected, and the next day installed it back in and sure enough, after a fair cranking to get the fuel up she fired up !!!

Anyway, 5 years later the same battery is still in this fork and still going strong…

I put the desulfator and charger on 2-3 times a year for 1 week on “float” charge as this fork doesn’t get used much.

Not too shabby for a 10-11 year old battery!!!

Tony Castleman
Qualified mechanic of 30+ years.
​North Shore, Victoria, Australia

Click here to view Tony Castleman’s first testimonial from 2008.

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