Desulfator Customer Gives An Update On His Solar Setup

Desulfator Customer Gives An Update On His Solar Setup

We received an update on our Google Plus page from Keith van Dijk today on how well our desulfators are performing as an integral part of his solar setup. 

Keith made his first purchase of four 24V Infinitum Desulfators in August 2013. He purchased them for A$280 instead of the A$600 he mentioned here. We can’t fault him here as he purchased them quite long ago. The amount he paid for the solar battery banks came up to A$12,000. With a modest assumption that the lifespan is doubled from the many testimonials we’ve received, the ROI (return on investment) for the $280 spent is a whopping 4,186%!

UPDATE on 21 March 2019: Google will cease the operations of Google Plus from April 1st of 2019. We’ve managed to get a screen capture of that testimonial that Keith left us on Google Plus below: You can also read his initial testimonial here.

Below is the transcript of the above testimony:

16 x 200ah batteries in series/parallel to 24v are the heart of my off grid solar system.

I’m running 240v power and 24v lighting off these batteries and believe me with 3 teenage kids and their electronic devices, induction stove, fridge, freezer, coffee machine, tv’s etc. the system gets loaded up every day.

So the investment in batteries adds up to about Aud $12,000, and the investment in Infinitum desulfators equates to about Aud $600. It really is a no brainer, so much protection for so little outlay.

My batteries are in excellent condition, and continue to perform, we’re in the middle of winter right now, with limited PV input hours. I fire up the backup generator about once a month, just to make sure it’s ready if needed, apart from that, these batteries have no other input.

Last winter we didn’t need the generator, so far this winter we haven’t needed it either. I’m confident the system is providing my family’s needs and the desulfators are an integral part of that system.

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