Dead 18-month Old Battery Restored Better Than New

Dead 18-month Old Battery Restored Better Than New

I recently purchased your 12volt desulfator. To say this device worked is an understatement.

The 24F-DL Duralast Battery

I had a Duralast 24F-DL battery purchased in early 2007 which had sat uncharged in a car for 18 months. when i went to test this battery it measured 4.6 volts and would not even light up the dash lights.

I used my TRICKLE charger and you device overnight and then placed the battery in my car. Within 1 week of occasional driving the battery now measures (using a load tester): Battery Voltage: 12.42 volts, Battery CCA rating: 600 CCA but the battery CCA reading skyrocketed to 1376 CCA! Ambient temperature of 69 fahrenheit. Reserve capacity 110. WOW!!!

Note from Infinitum: Due to the astonishing results, we had to verify Ted’s claims on the CCA reading as the CCA reading far exceeded the battery’s CCA rating. The CCA (or Cold Cranking Amps) is the true indicator of the battery’s health. Ted confirmed that the CCA readings were indeed accurately recorded by an auto shop. And this is what he had to say:

I had the battery load tested before i trickle charged it with your device. The voltage was 4.6V and the battery tester declared it a failed battery. I do not know what the CCA number was before i charged it.
The auto shop where I had the load tester test the battery was astounded. The machine they used to test was all digital and brand new having just been received. The shop was called Advance Auto Parts in Orange Massachusetts.

Ted Yaffo
Athol, Massachusetts, United States

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