Cheaper Alternative To Century Jumper Battery Replacements (Or Any Battery For That Matter)

Cheaper Alternative To Century Jumper Battery Replacements (Or Any Battery For That Matter)

Save cost by reconditioning your batteries instead of replacing them, at a fraction of the price, with this proven method used by countless thousands in over 120 countries globally!

Having a portable jump starter like the Century Jumper 850 can come in handy especially in urgent situations when your car battery goes dead or lacks the power to crank the engine. The best thing about the Jumper 850 is that it has a 12V DC power output to power up any power-compatible devices you have.

The Century Jumper 850 replacement battery.

Replacing Century Jumper Batteries

The power supply in all Century portable jump starters come from sealed lead-acid (SLA) batteries encased within. The Jumper 850 specifically uses the 17Ah 12V ES Series SLA battery. At the date of this writing, the cost to replace the Century Jumper 850 battery is over US$100! But there’s a proven way to save on that cost.

The Proven & Cost Effective Alternative To Replacing Century Jumper Batteries

What most people don’t know is that all lead-acid batteries suffer from a degenerating process known as sulfation that kills batteries prematurely. Sulfation is the build-up of an insulating lead-acid crystal layer within the battery that ‘locks’ the needed battery life in an unusable, hard crystallized form. In other words, your battery’s lifespan will be cut in half!

The Infinitum Desulfator, seen here next to a pencil for size reference

The good news is that there is a remedy for sulfation, which is aptly called desulfation. Infinitum Desulfators have been in use since 2006 to successfully reverse sulfation, resulting in improved battery performance and optimized battery lifespan.

The robust build of this device ensures that you save not just on your first battery, but subsequent ones as well. You can also revive several batteries subsequently over a short period of time. But for the best results it is best to have a dedicated desulfator unit to work on each battery.

Infinitum Desulfators are so versatile, the same unit can be used for various applications, from cars, motorcycles, jetskis, forklifts to solar or wind power battery banks. 

Wai Tam, our customer in New York did just that and managed to successfully revive his Century Jumper 850 battery and moved on to optimize his solar batteries as well. Click here to watch Wai Tam’s battery recovery video.

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