Cheap K-mart Junked Battery Restored

Cheap K-mart Junked Battery Restored

Clayton purchased his first two 12V Infinitum Desulfators from us in December 10th, 2010. He purchased another 4 units in January of 2013. Title headers were added to this testimonial by our editor to provide for easier reading.

I bought an old junker car for parts and it had a cheap K-mart battery. Figured I had nothing to lose so I connected a small ~2 amp trickle charge with your unit in my shop. The battery was dead. Voltage read in the 8-9 volt range, and when I checked the specific gravity, 2 cells did register at all, one moved the meter a small amount, and the other three were under 1V. Honestly, I believe the battery charged for a couple of months, I’d forget about it, but periodically would ensure the cells were still full. Meanwhile, the battery in my own car started going dead so I decided to try the K-Mart battery I’d been charging as the voltage was now up to 12.6 volts. Worked great.

6 Lawn Mower Batteries Revived

I’m very pleased with the performance of your desulfators. I’ve used it to revive 6 or more batteries from small lawnmower batteries up to 1000 CCA (Type 65) Diesel batteries. Most notable recovery was with a type 35 battery.

8 Year-old Battery Receives New Lease of Life

When I put the old battery in my car, I also installed your desulfator, and that’s where that one’s been ever since. Just a couple weeks ago, I checked the standing voltage of this battery. It was cold outside, under 30°F (-1°C), the car had sat overnight, interior lights were on, and I turned the headlights on for 20-30 seconds. The battery voltage was 12.79V! No swelling on the case (I know my alternator isn’t overcharging). Your desulfator’s green light will now stay on all night and throughout the day. Previously it would go out within hours after the car was turned off, which told me the voltage was falling. The age of this battery is unknown, however, it is at least 8-year-old and used every day.

Still In Service After 3 Years

This unit has been in service, under the hood of my car for at least 3 years. When I wash the engine I try not to flood it with water, but it still gets wet. Overall it still looks good, slightly discoloured due to cleaners I’ve used in the engine compartment (strong bases like purple stuff).

Desulfators Now Put To Work On Truck & Solar Batteries

I also have a unit on my truck, which I do not drive as much. It is a diesel and has two batteries. I only have one desulfator on my truck and I believe it isn’t enough (one reason I bought more). Those batteries are six years old and work much harder than car batteries. I’ve measured the current used at start-up in modest weather ~60°F (15°C), it’s over 500 amps at 12v! I’m adding to the solar array installed to maintain the batteries, and I’m confident when I install another desulfator the batteries will come back. I keep pretty close tabs on my automotive stuff, so I’ll provide some updates in the future.

Clayton Simons
Dover, Tennessee, United States

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