Video Testimonies

A Quick And Easy Way To Revive Dead Batteries

These video reviews on the Infinitum Desulfator were shot by Tekenglobal, a YouTube channel recounting his experience reviving his dead sealed lead acid battery after a 3 day charge with the Infinitum Desulfator installed. The 12V battery had a 11.31V before the reconditioning and ended with 12.34V affirming improvement in the battery’s ability to hold a charge. An aged or dead battery will usually not increase in voltage significantly as shown, just with charging. The buildup of sulfate impedes the battery’s capacity to receive and hold a charge.

“I’m shocked! This is thing is not bunked!”

​~ Tekenglobal (YouTube Channel)

Part 1: Reviewing The Dead Battery

Part 2: Installing The Infinitum Desulfator

The video below illustrates how simple it is to install the Infinitum Desulfator on a battery with a charger, also known as external charging as opposed to installing it in a car.

Part 3: The Desulfation Process Begins With A Charger In Parallel

Part 4: Positive Results After Desulfation

Though the reviewer did not come back with a final video, it is evident so far that the battery is able to hold a charge above 12V, which is an indication of battery recovery. The best way to test a successful battery recovery is to test the battery’s internal resistance (impedance) with a battery tester or multimeter. Find out how you can test the efficacy of a desulfator.

Motorcycle Batteries Video Testimonies

Dead Kawasaki ZX-6R Motorcycle Battery Restored With A Simple Device

I bought one of these after reading some research papers on the effects of desulfators on old batteries. I had left my lights on for 3 days and the battery was so dead it couldn’t light up my dashboard, let alone turn the engine over. 

It took a week, but that was probably me not realising that the electrolyte needed topping up. The day after I had topped it up and set it on charge overnight, it worked like new. Pity I had already bought a new battery for my Kawasaki ZX-6R, but it’s now a spare that is worth more than I paid for the Infinitum Desulfator

I have a few 2nd hand batteries that I used in a solar setup. They have sulfated and not been used for about a year. I’m reviving one as I type this.

James Price,
Motorcycle Enthusiast
North Rocks, NSW, Australia

Video Testimonies

Failed 7-year-old Quad Bike Battery Restored

In the video below, Jeremy relates how he successfully recovers three of his quad bike batteries. One of which was a 12V battery that only read 7.6V and he managed to charge it up, but the voltage would not go any higher than 9.7V.

After connecting the Infinitum Desulfator to the battery together with a 2 amp trickle charge charger for 2 days, the battery was revived. A volt measurement made 4 days later at a healthy 12.96V proved that the battery was able to hold its charge. 

He also successfully revived his Yamaha Raptor 50 battery to 12.77V and his Suzuki QuadSport Z50 battery to 12.83V all with a single 12V Infinitum Desulfator.

TOTAL SAVED: $90 – $120

“I ran this desulfator unit on the battery in my 7-year-old booster pack that would never hold a charge over 20% and voltage read 4.2 volts. I didn’t think it would work but it is now reading 12.5v and says 85% after 3 days trickle charging with the desulfator connected.”

Jeremy Shaffer,
Quad Motorcycle Enthusiast,
New York, United States