Infinitum Installation

Infinitum Desulfator Installation On A Perodua Bezza

I installed the Infinitum Desulfator on the 17th of July 2019 and so the battery has performed well with no issues. I commute with this car every day. It is working well so far. I hope it continues to do so and gives me the savings with by prolonging the age of my battery.

For this installation, I used cable ties to secure the installation as 3M double-sided foam tape was provided and not the VHB acrylic adhesive type. I installed the Infinitum Desulfator which I purchased from Lazada Malaysia on my Perodua Bezza sedan. The car battery was exactly 2-years-old at the point of installation. The battery I am using now is a Century wet lead-acid M42 Marathoner battery which is designed for frequent engine starts.

I purchased this Perodua Bezza as it comes with an auto stop-start car which automatically shuts down the engine when the vehicle comes to a complete stop and restarts again when the brake pedal is released. A pretty nifty cost-saving feature for a budget-friendly sedan. The cheapest in the market with this feature anyway.

Back to the installation. The installation was simple and quick. As advised by the manufacturer the desulfator should be installed near the battery instead of on the battery as the Infinitum will outlast the battery and is reusable several times over.

I’ve included some images of the installation with some close-ups of the cable tie I used as well as the location where I installed it. Which I believe is the fuse box cover.

Stephen Yong

Infinitum Desulfator Installation Gallery On A Perodua Bezza

Infinitum Installation

Infinitum Desulfator installation 
on a Nissan Grand Lavina

This is my second battery desulfator unit from Infinitum. The people at Infinitum have been really supportive and responsive when it comes to product inquiries and tech support.

I installed the Infinitum Desulfator for my Nissan Grand Lavina on 31 July 2019. At the time of installation, the battery was 3 months old. I received a replacement battery was recently replaced when it failed within the warranty period.

I am looking forward to reaping the benefits in the long term. We’ll see the result in a year down the road the effects of prolonging the life of the battery. I am optimistic and excited at the same time. The good thing about the Infinitum Desulfator is that I can install and forget about it to let it work without supervision.

Review by: Stephen Yong

Infinitum Desulfator Installation Gallery for a Nissan Grand Lavina

Infinitum Installation

Infinitum Desulfator Installation On A Toyota Landcruiser

Infinitum Desulfators have been proven to double the lifespan of batteries since 2006. A customer recently sent us images of the installation of his desulfator on his Toyota Landcruiser.

The installation is simple and quick. You just need the small spanner that comes with your truck toolset and a cloth to clean the surface where you plan to stick the desulfator on. As you can see in the image, the desulfator was installed on the air filter cover which is located next to the battery and not on it as the desulfator will outlast the battery and is reusable.

Sulfation which is the cause of premature battery failure occurs with the growth and accumulation of sulfate crystals on the lead plates inside a battery. Over weeks and months, this growth hardens and the active material that is needed for the battery to work is stuck in an unusable crystalline form. This problem occurs in all weather conditions but more so in warmer climates. The customer who sent these images resides in the Lagos, Nigeria where the warm tropical weather is experienced year-round. 

Infinitum Desulfator Installation Gallery On A Toyota Landcruiser

Infinitum Installation

Installing The Infinitum Desulfator On A Mitsubishi Triton

We received a number of images from a customer recently installed the Infinitum Desulfator he purchased for his 2007 4WD Mitsubishi Triton truck.

The installation gallery shows how simple it is to perform the installation. Find a place close to the battery to stick the desulfator unit on. Making sure that the surface is clean and free from dirt or dust. The Infinitum Desulfator comes with industrial-strength 3M double-sided tape that is already stuck on the backside of the unit. Press firmly on the desulfator unit after it is stuck so that the double-sided tape properly adheres to the surface you have selected.

In this instant, the customer chose to stick the unit on the fuse box cover which is located right next to the battery. The cables are then connected to the battery terminals, matching the colour on the cables. There is no need to disconnect the battery during the installation. Loosen the nut and slip in the fork lugs and tighten again, ensuring that the installation is firm. You will only need to completely remove the nut if you purchased the model with the ring lug.

Infinitum Desulfator Installation Gallery On A Mitsubishi Triton

Infinitum Installation

Installing The Infinitum Desulfator On A Toyota Prius C Battery

Hybrid vehicles are driven both by an electric motor as well as an internal combustion engine. While the electric motors are powered by Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries, hybrid fuel engines still require lead-acid batteries to crank them. And just like any regular vehicle, these lead-acid batteries sulfate which in turn leads to premature battery failure. At the time of this article, a replacement for a Prius C battery costs US$150.

With the Infinitum Desulfator the lifespan of the battery can be doubled which is a significant cost savings considering the desulfator is only a third of cost of the battery replacement.

Installation Gallery

Below is a quick and easy installation for the Toyota Prius C that will only take you about 5 minutes. All you need is the spanner that is located tool case in the trunk of the car. ​

Toyota Prius & Camry Hybrid Battery Location

In the Toyota Prius and Toyota Camry Hybrid (unlike the Prius C), the lead-acid battery is located in the right side of the trunk where the desulfator can be installed. 

The installation for the desulfator is easier here as the battery is easily accessible being at waist height. Simply lift the cover and install in a similar fashion.

Infinitum Installation

Infinitum Desulfator Installation Gallery

Installing the Infinitum Battery Desulfator is easy even for the non-technically inclined :). Here is a simple guide that will help you get that done in less than five to ten minutes.

What you need:

  • Infinitum Desulfator
  • Spanner
  • Cleaning cloth or paper towel

Installation steps:

  1. Make sure your car engine is off or the battery is not in the process of being charged.
  2. Loosen the bolts on your battery terminals.
  3. Install the desulfator’s red cable to the positive battery terminal and black on the negative terminal.
  4. Look for a location within reach of the battery to stick the desulfator. (It makes sense not to stick the desulfator on the battery as it will outlast the battery and can be reused over and over again).
  5. Thoroughly clean the surface of the said location with a cloth or paper towel and stick on the desulfator.

Desulfator Installation on a Volks Wagen Golf GTI

Desulfator Installation on a SsangYong Rexton

Desulfator Installation on a Hyundai Starex Royale

Desulfator Installation on Toyota Camry 2.0G

Infinitum Installation

Installing The Infinitum Desulfator On A Peugeot 308

Installing a desulfator* on a Peugeot 308 battery can be tricky as the battery is covered and the negative terminal concealed. There are two installation methods in this video which our users have sent us feedback on their own experience in the installation.

*The INFINITUM Desulfator works to revive dead batteries and maintain them to keep them in optimum condition and maximize its life span for up to 2 to 3 times.