Californian Farrier Uses Desulfators To Optimize Solar Batteries

Californian Farrier Uses Desulfators To Optimize Solar Batteries

Note from Infinitum: A customer from California bought two 12V Infinitum Desulfators from us. She operates a business as a mobile farrier, to replace and service horseshoes. All the electrical equipment needed to do that comes from is powered by solar panels from her mobile farrier rig.

The solar panels charge two large battery banks that in turn supply power after conversion to a usable voltage through a 3000W power inverter. In order to maximize the lifespan of the batteries and the investment she placed on them, she turned to us to supply them with our Infinitum Desulfators. One for each battery. This is her testimonial:

August 26th, 2009
“Working with your company has been a positive experience. I did my research on desulfators and then found your company. My experience with your company has been a very good one. You have answered my technical questions and were prompt in delivery.”

May 25th, 2013
“I have not had the batteries checked by the manufacturer for awhile but the last time they were load tested they were still at new specs. I have not noticed any degradation in utility at all, the batteries are like new even under heavy load and 4 years old.”

Erica Jensen,
Horseshoer / Farrier,
California, USA

Two 110 W 12 VDC 6.7A solar panels installed above the mobile farrier rig.

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