Battery Sulfation Accelerates In Warmer Conditions

Battery Sulfation Accelerates In Warmer Conditions

The Awful Truth About What Summer Does To Your Batteries

Battery sulfation begins as soon as a lead-acid battery discharges. This occurs as soon as the battery is no longer being charged whether or not the battery is being used:

  • Parasitic load: Power is used from the battery to power up appliances such as a clock, radio station presets, security system, etc.
  • Self discharge: All lead-acid batteries and the like will discharge as soon as they are no longer charged even if there is no power usage.

Self Discharge is Accelerated by Temperature
For batteries that are over 25°C (77°F), the self-discharge rate doubles with every 10°C (18°F) rise in temperature.

Thus, sulfation can be a huge problem for lead-acid batteries which are:

  • not being used,
  • sitting on a dealer’s shelf, or
  • in a parked vehicle, especially in hot temperatures.

Battery Tips

  • Park in a shaded area or basement parking In hot tropical climates or during summer.
  • Use the Infinitum Battery Desulfator to remove the accumulation of sulfate crystals. 

The Awful Truth About What Summer Does To Your Batteries

Sulfation is the formation of spongy lead sulfate within batteries during discharge which are converted back to lead and active material in the regular charge cycle.

How is that a problem?
As most batteries are charged only a fraction of the time than it is discharged, the formation of spongy lead sulfate accumulate more than it has a change to be converted back into usable lead.

Over time, the spongy lead sulfate harden, forming crystals and can no longer be converted back to lead even with constant charging.

What is the solution?
Using desulfators will shatter the hardened lead sulfate crystals and dissolve the active material back into the battery electrolyte (the liquid solution in the battery). 

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