Australian Discovers Secret To Recovering A Dead Deep Cycle Marine Battery

Australian Discovers Secret To Recovering A Dead Deep Cycle Marine Battery

We received this feedback from a customer from Australia who revived his deep cycle marine battery from the dump to a fully functioning battery! We particularly loved the candid way it was written and left it completely unedited:

We recently bought one of your 12V Infinitum Desulphators, intended for a former UK Colleague, but owing to the problems posting it to him in time for Christmas, we thought we’d give it a go ourselves!

ALWAYS a bit suspicious of much-vaunted claims, so to be honest we were not expecting anything really spectacular. Thought I’d try it out on an old (and rather abused) marine engine start battery which had been “living outdoors” for some time.

Although the electrolyte levels were OK, the battery wouldn’t accept ANY (and I really DO mean ANY) charge whatsoever, such that I had to keep it on trickle charge just to get the desulphator to work! Thought this would be a useful test of any capability, so left the charger and desulphator connected for two weeks, desulphating away happily.

At the end of the fortnight, disconnected the charger, and, surprise, the little green light stayed on – and kept staying on for a further 16 days!  Upshot is we now have a seemingly fully functional battery that charges well (accepts a high charge current without overheating), retains the charge (for weeks), and can easily start a 4 litre marine diesel – and remember this battery was effectively “scrap”!

The Infinitum gadget is currently desulphating:

  • our Isuzu truck battery (during the week when we don’t use the truck), and
  • my wife’s Peugeot battery (during the weekends when she doesn’t drive to work).

We’ve also used it with significant benefit on

  • two battery-backed UPS units, and
  • the starter battery on our diesel genset.

The Isuzu’s a 24 volt set up, and we’ll be buying your 24 volt version soon – and leaving it permanently connected to the engine start battery set.

We would be more than happy to let any other future customers know just how good this little gadget is – and please feel free to include this e-mail in your Customer Comments section!

Thanking you again for what is a surprisingly very effective little “box of tricks”

Best regards from us both,

Phil & Timea Spendley
Nowra, NSW, Australia

Click here to view the latest update to their testimonial on Feb 28th, 2014

Banner image by John Cooke

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