A$4500 Savings On Forklift Battery Is Just The Beginning

Note from Infinitum: This testimonial written by Tony have been left unedited, we’ve only added titles for easier reading.

“I am stoked, it has not only saved me A$4500 on a battery pack but it costs much less to recharge as well so I save on my power bill!” ~ Tony Castleman

Three months ago I purchased 3 units of 24V and 3 units of the 12V INFINITUM battery desulphators, as I have a number of vehicles including an electric forklift with an 800 amp hour 48v battery pack.

Forklift Battery Pack Fully Restored To New

I was particularly concerned about the forklift because it had lost power and was taking a long time to recharge. Also when fully charged it was only coming up to around 60% or the middle of the white section on the hydrometer.

A new battery pack costs around A$4500. I did some research and found it could be caused by sulphation.

I fitted 2 of your 24v desulphators to my forklift and charged it, the initial result appeared to be okay with a small rise on the hydrometer.

In short, it took about 3 months to completely desulphate this huge battery pack but now when charged the hydrometer is well up in the green, the forklift has much more power, the battery pack lasts longer and charges faster.

I am stoked, it has not only saved me A$4500 on a battery pack but it costs much less to recharge as well so I save on my power bill!

Floor Sweeper & Car Battery Given New Lease Of Life

I also had excellent results on my 24V floor sweeper and have also fitted the 12 volt units to my cars which has given 4 year old batteries new life.

Motorbike Battery Revived

My brother’s motorbike battery was stuffed; it would not start his bike and would not take a charge. We used a desulphator and charged it and now it starts his bike fine.

Tony Castleman
Qualified mechanic of 25 years
North Shore, Victoria, Australia

September 29th, 2015 Update:
Click here to view Tony Castleman’s latest Infinitum Desulfator testimonial almost 8 years after he first purchased from us.

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