A Quick And Easy Way To Revive Dead Batteries

A Quick And Easy Way To Revive Dead Batteries

These video reviews on the Infinitum Desulfator were shot by Tekenglobal, a YouTube channel recounting his experience reviving his dead sealed lead acid battery after a 3 day charge with the Infinitum Desulfator installed. The 12V battery had a 11.31V before the reconditioning and ended with 12.34V affirming improvement in the battery’s ability to hold a charge. An aged or dead battery will usually not increase in voltage significantly as shown, just with charging. The buildup of sulfate impedes the battery’s capacity to receive and hold a charge.

“I’m shocked! This is thing is not bunked!”

​~ Tekenglobal (YouTube Channel)

Part 1: Reviewing The Dead Battery

Part 2: Installing The Infinitum Desulfator

The video below illustrates how simple it is to install the Infinitum Desulfator on a battery with a charger, also known as external charging as opposed to installing it in a car.

Part 3: The Desulfation Process Begins With A Charger In Parallel

Part 4: Positive Results After Desulfation

Though the reviewer did not come back with a final video, it is evident so far that the battery is able to hold a charge above 12V, which is an indication of battery recovery. The best way to test a successful battery recovery is to test the battery’s internal resistance (impedance) with a battery tester or multimeter. Find out how you can test the efficacy of a desulfator.

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How To Revive Dead Batteries

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