8 year old battery restored with the Infinitum Desulfator

8-Year-Old Battery Restored To Better Than New With The Infinitum Desulfator

The picture (right) is of an original-equipment Volkswagen Transporter 2.5-litre turbo-diesel van battery, having been used daily for the last 8 years (mostly for short-journey work where the alternator rarely is able to fully recharge the battery). In our moderate UK climate, supplemented with occasional use of a smart-charger to help maintain its performance, it has lasted very well indeed.

But after 8 years of daily use, this original Varta 72Ah 700CCA battery was beginning to show reduced capacity and finally struggling a little to start the van. It had served me well, so I simply replaced it with a new one.

As an experiment, I removed the label and topped-up the fluid level of this original old “maintenance free” Varta battery with distilled water and extensively charged / desulfated / reconditioned it using a smart-charger. It showed a little improvement – returning slightly more than 500CCA when tested.

The DHC battery tester I used here has settings to compensate for these different European test standards (EN, SAE, IEC, DIN and CA/MCA): The 500CCA reading taken before and 733CCA measurements taken after desulfating with the Infinitum were already compensated to correctly correspond directly to the original EN/SAE test standard of this 640CCA labelled battery. 

The performance (capacity) improvement of 733CCA SAE taken is, therefore, a genuine “like for like” comparison against the original 640CCA SAE stated capacity of this battery. The test was repeated several times over several days after charging/desulfating to verify the measurement, and re-checked using the alternative/labelled DIN test standard: It remains correct. 

The picture (right) shows this same battery after a further 4 weeks of then being left on trickle/pulse charge with the Ctek smart charger – but with your Infinitum desulfator then also added in parallel. Note the label showing the original 640A SAE cold-cranking capability of this battery… and the result of the digital test now showing an incredible 733CCA after desulfation with the Infinitum – that’s significantly better than new! Surprised? I was!

Keith Burton
Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

Note from Infinitum:
The CCA reading of a 640 SAE / EN rated battery when brand new is rated at 700 CCAs. Over time the CCA reading will drop due to sulfation. In Keith’s testimonial we see that the Ctek MXS 5.0 charger he used which has a desulfation function was only able to bring the CCAs up to only slightly above 500 CCAs, but with the Infinitum installed the CCAs went up above the rated 700 CCAs to 733 CCAs. 

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