8 Solar Batteries Restored & Performing Like New

8 Solar Batteries Restored & Performing Like New

Bob’s Solar Setup

Transcript of the above Facebook Post:

I purchased two 24v desulfators for our wind/solar farm about three months ago. Battery condition was so poor the desulfators weren’t always operating and the LEDs didn’t come on very often.

After slowly recharging the system for the last three months the desulfators are working most of the time now as our battery capacity increases. Overall capacity is 2,360 Amp Hours!, so this has been a really big job!

These desulfators are making a big difference for our battery investment. Specific gravity is also increasing. Yesterday we had 24 hours of 60 kph (35mph) winds and finally reached equalizing voltages for the first time in a year, and maxed out at 29.9v a few times.

Solar panels charge 22 to 28 amps to the batteries at 24V in full sunlight. Four windmills charge 70 amps in gusty conditions. Prior to adding the desulfators, quiescent battery voltages were 23.4 to 23.8 volts.

After attaching the desulfators for two months the batteries now average 24.2 to 24.8 volts. More power is supplied to the inverter and voltage drops are not as sharp. Capacity appears to be increasing as the desulfators do their work. These eight batteries (318 lbs. each) are made by Surette in Nova Scotia and are fondly termed “submarine batteries”. I am convinced that desulfators are essential equipment for wind/solar powered homes.”

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