7 Year-old Junked Battery Revived

7 Year-old Junked Battery Revived


I received the Infinitum Desulphator Battery Saver exactly 10 working days as you have stated. I have found a dead MF (maintenance free) calcium battery left unsold and kept in our warehouse for more than 7 years (We conducted inventory in 2004). The said battery no longer accepts charging and declared dead by our auto shop. The battery tester did not indicate any ohms or volt.


After connecting the slow charger together with the Infinitum Desulfator for 10 hours, there was no charge reading yet. I thought the desulphator won’t work at all. The battery started receiving a charge only after 13 hours. Now the battery has already recovered and in trickle charging mode for conditioning. 

Your product is miraculous! You and the unit deserve a 5-star rating. 


“Last night I checked its status, without the charger, and it’s still in the 12V reading. I’ll observe further if it can hold the charge and will not drain after 7 days without use. Anyway, it was proven that the Infinitum works. And with that, again many many thanks to you.”

Nonito Dato 
Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines

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