5 Benefits You Don’t Want To Miss For Getting Your Wheels Aligned

5 Benefits You Don’t Want To Miss For Getting Your Wheels Aligned

Wheel alignment is a relatively quick and simple procedure where adjustments are made to the wheel alignment of a vehicle. This process also may require adjustments to both the front and rear suspension systems.

Not to be confused with wheel balancing where the wheel is tuned to prevent vibration when the wheels spin which occurs when a wheel is not balanced. Wheel alignment focusses on fine-tuning the angles of the wheels such as its camber, caster and toe. The wearing of the tires also indicate the alignment issues of a vehicle as you can see in the illustration below:

Frequency of wheel alignment

Prevention is always better than cure. So the recommended frequency for wheel alignments is once every 2 to 3 years or when your tires are replaced when you notice uneven wear on your tires. If you bring in your vehicle for service regularly then this is usually covered by the service centre. But you can always request for the wheel alignment to be checked as well.

The 5 benefits of wheel alignment

Benefits of getting your wheels aligned:

  1. Reduces of rate and uneven wear and tear
  2. Optimises lifespan with even wear
  3. Optimises comfort for driver and passengers
  4. Optimises performance and fuel economy
  5. Reduces steering and stability issues and thereby enhances handling and safety

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