3 Steps To Get The Best Results From Your Infinitum Desulfator

3 Steps To Get The Best Results From Your Infinitum Desulfator

1. Use The Desulfator As Soon As You Can & Do So Continuously

You will enjoy the best results in battery lifespan optimization the earlier you install the desulfator. So install your Infinitum desulfator as soon as you can. All batteries will eventually expire even with the use of desulfators, the difference with desulfators is that the lifespan of the battery would be optimized.

Prevention is always better than cure. Instead of waiting for your battery to show signs of a performance drop or even failure before you consider getting one or installing the desulfator that you already purchased.

The Infinitum Desulfator is designed to shatter the existing sulfate crystal build-up as well as to prevent its growth, so you should keep the desulfator installed throughout the lifespan of the battery to enjoy maximum results.

2. Use It Even For Aged Batteries

As batteries approach its end of life, the probability of optimization or recovery gets slimmer. Should you have a battery that is relatively aged and have yet to install a desulfator, we still recommend to start using it as there is still a chance of optimization or recovery. 

For faster results, install it on your battery with an external smart battery charger (with an amp rating that is recommended for your battery). The battery will take about 2 to 3 days to fully desulfate with a continuous charge. The process takes about 2 weeks for a vehicle that is driven daily or in a solar operation with at least 4 hours of good sun per day.

Since Infinitum Desulfators are robust and reusable, your purchase is never a waste as the same unit can be used on the next replacement battery and the next after that. We have users using the same desulfator for over 12 years, during which time, it would have optimized several batteries.

3. Keep The Battery Charged

All 12V batteries are charged at a higher voltage of up to 14V+. After each charge, the battery voltage will eventually rest at 12V. This is perfectly normal. As the battery ages or is sulfated the battery will lose its capacity to hold a charge which is indicated by a faster drop in voltage below 12V.

Infinitum Desulfators are designed with a unique automatic shut-off feature that activates at about 12.5V. So as the battery’s voltage drops to rest at 12V, the desulfator will eventually shut off. This is so that the desulfator will not draw needed power to crank the engine once the state of charge drops below that threshold.

So if you plan to leave your car parked for long periods of time, keep the battery charged so the desulfator continues working and your battery would be charged up and ready to crank up your engine when needed.

The good thing about our Desulfators is that the power draw is minuscule (less than 0.3W) but the pulse generated is sufficiently powerful to get the job done. Once the battery is brought back to its best possible condition, you will notice that your battery will be able to hold its charge for longer periods of time and it could take weeks before the battery’s voltage drops below that threshold of 12.5V. You will be able to notice this when the Desulfator is off. Click here to find out the working parameters of the Infinitum Desulfator’s LEDs

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