3 Dead Sealed Lead Acid Batteries Successfully Restored

3 Dead Sealed Lead Acid Batteries Successfully Restored

We received this product review from Joe recently. Find the full review below:

This device absolutely works. I have successfully restored three out of three sealed lead acid batteries I’ve tested it on. All were dead and would not accept a charge. One was in an emergency car starter/power inverter/compressor unit. Even at 30V, this 12V battery would only draw about 30 mA. It wouldn’t even light a small incandescent bulb. After a few days with the desulfator, it is fully charged and packing plenty of output current. It draws a high charging current with a relatively low supply voltage, clearly indicating a huge drop in internal resistance.

The other two batteries were in an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). After weeks of charging, they each only measured about 5.6 V. They failed to power my computer for even a single second. After a couple of days of desulfating them, they’re fully charged and powering two PCs and two monitors successfully during a self-test of the UPS. This is like night and day. Don’t let the scoffers fool you. Desulfating works, and this unit does it well.

Joe Stefanelli
Mechanical Engineer
Pennsylvania USA.

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